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1 to 1

We are available for a very limited number of one to one sessions through the year. These are truly bespoke sessions which you can use to build your knowledge in areas that interest you specifically.

This may be anything from landscape photography to improving your fashion and editorial work.  We can spend time running through post processing techniques, or we are able to provide a consultancy program on setting up your own photographic business or developing your existing one to maximise opportunities.

Please call for a detailed consultation about how we can help you move your skills forward.

Group Workshops

We will have a small number of photographic workshops and tours throughout the year.  These will cover a number of different genres and it is important to register your interest and an early stage.

Each workshop will be specific to develop a key skill in a photographic area.  As an example one of our planned workshops in 2016 will focus on developing location fashion photography skills.

This will be suitable from novice levels upward and each workshop will detail specifically the skills you need prior to booking.

Business Consultancy

Photography is a business and whilst the creative elements of the art are always at the forefront, without skilled business planning you cannot thrive and satisfy clients.

We can provide ad hoc or ongoing support to help you develop your business.  We have experience and skills in business management, financial planning and modelling, sales and market, social media planning, branding, advertising strategy and market research.

Consultations can be via phone or in person and start from just a 30 minute consultation time slot to ongoing support.

Be confident you have the skills & ability to bring your A-Game, every day!

No matter what the profession or sport you will always find that the very best people have had inspiring teachers or amazing coaches.   Hard work, beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.  It really is that simple.  You have to continually develop your skills and abilities and whilst some of that comes from time served practice there is no doubt that working with motivated and creative professionals will help to develop your abilities at a faster rate.  We will help you develop skills faster and more efficiently and show you exactly how to continue with your own development.

It doesn’t matter if you are a first time camera buyer, an amateur or a professional looking to improve, we will always be more than happy to give you an honest appraisal as to if we are able to help develop your skills. We strive each day to continue to improve and develop our own knowledge and it is our aim to pass on this passion and enthusiasm to you!